Movie Pitch

The Great Vines

This would be a 15 rated movie because of the scenes of torture and other explicit graphic parts (movie age rating).

Overall Idea: A man wakes up to find himself in 2079 and he is standing on a massive bubble made from vines that interlock. In the far distance they is a big metal tube going down towards the ground. He gets up and gets hit in the back of the head with a bat (See Picture 1) covered in spikes . Later he wakes up in a white room with a large white light. He is then interrogated and he is tagged with a strange symbol. When he next wakes up he is in a large area with other people. Below is a room identical with another group of people. The same above. They people above and below have both different symbols to what the people in  his room has. He plans an escape. He fails and he tortured . A few days later he is made to shoot himself (see picture 2). He then shoots the guards and escapes.


Picture 1: This is a apocalyptic bat used to kill.
Image result for gun
Picture 2: The gun the main character uses



Picture of a mind map I did: minsmap

Written Start of movie: story


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