Illustrator Flags

In Illustrator we were given the task to create some Flag of the World. Those Flags being The Swiss Flag, Gambia, Greece and South Africa. We spent a lesson creating these flags Using a various of tools. These being: Pen Tool, Shape Tool, Rulers and Guides, Grids. Many of these tools were simple to use as none of the tools where very challenging.

Swiss Flag: Created using Pen tool, and the Square tools.  Red Square and a cross using the pen tool. This could be improve if the cross was more even and Centred.
South Africa Flag: Created Last Using The Pen. 2 Triangle, 1 Y shape and two triangles and squares.


Greece Flag: Neon Blue!  Created using 7 white lines order in the shape of the Greece flag. Improvements: If it wasnt neon blue so a darker shade of blue

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