Architecture Poster Designs: Poster 2

The second design: This design is based on the idea of the different views of the shard. The tallest building in London by far.


This design like the other ones was created in Illustrator and consists of 3 different views of the shard. Design 1 and design 2 (above) are both the same sort of design but the font colour has been changed to see what colours would stand out against the grey of the buildings. I ask a few people and they seemed to agree with me that having the writing as pink would be to big of a eye sore for the person. The orange is however more pleasing to the eye and allows the viewer of the poster to see the buildings and then the writing. The final design (Below) is not at all different to the top left design. Things that are good about it is the fact that it is simple and isn’t an eye sore. Things that are not good are the fact that it may be two simple and not enough colour.



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