Architecture Poster Designs: Final Poster

Final Poster Design:

This design is based on Battersea Power station. It is a fairly simplistic design because it has not got many aspects to it. There are only three and these are: the date, the heading and the actual building. I consider the design to be very contemporary, as it fits with many contemporary posters that already exist such as the poster in my contemporary poster analysis.

I chose this colour scheme because of the way that each colour stands out from the other one, i.e. yellow from blue and pink from yellow. The outline of the building is pink because the original logo for the London Festival of Architecture is the same pink colour and it would take people’s attention away from the design.

I think my design is good because of the simplicity of it, meaning that it is easy to understand what the poster is advertising. The big text font makes it easily readable from afar and the bright blue colouring of the text is striking.

However, there is always room for improvement and I think that the pink outline of the building could be bigger to make it more eye catching.

Final Design:



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