History Of Racing Games

Racing Games have been around for many years but were first brought to the public view in 1973. The first ever Race game was an arcade game called SPEED RACE (JAPAN) and Wheels (USA). Designed by Tomohiro Nishikado (later known for Gun Fight and Space Invaders) and released by Taito in 1974, Speed Race was an early driving/racing arcade video game. The game was also released under the re-branded titles “Racer” and “Wheels” by Midway in 1975. The game was a 2D side scrolled. Which the faster you got the more cars there was to drive into and slow you down. Also to add more difficulty the road would randomly get thinner and thicker as you drove along.


Later in 1976 the first FORMULA 1 game was released and was a big hit. The simple game was a piece of film with a race track printing on it. going round on a cylindrical disc. Created a sort of track.


Then finally in 1981 the racing game giant Pole Position was created and was released later that year to the public. The game was a great and  I think was one of the racing games that really starting the whole genre off. Pole position was a 3D racing game where you played against random generated cars and the idea of it was to get the the finish line first. Seems simple right. It was and many people. However the game was based on a Formula 1 track. To get into the track you had to come first in a trial  run to see if you were good enough to race against the living legends of that time. That sense of “I must come first” really gave people adrenaline and I think that why the game was so good now even in our age of games.maxresdefault

Skipping a couple years to 1996 and Nintendo had finally caught up to this  trend of the racing games success so they stuck racing and there most famous character, Mario to create I think one of most well known game series . The Mario Kart Series.  Four-player split-screen made for one of the N64’s best multiplayer experiences, while the fully 3D tracks included series’ classics Wario Stadium, Toad’s Turnpike and Rainbow Road. For better or for worse, Mario Kart 64 also introduced that most controversial of power-ups, the dreaded Blue Shell!.



2014  was also a good year for driving games because of DRIVECLUB. Aesthetically beautiful and displaying a rare attentiveness to audio presentation, what Driveclub lacked in scope it made up for in accessibility. Its social elements promoted belonging to a titular club as well as offering additional content tailored to those that played together.



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