Weekly Planner & Production Notes



·       Driving Game research – write about one example

·       Car Dashboards

·       Start to think about team names and game concept.
·      Research on Internet, books, first-hand experience;

·      Mood boards: game interface, logos, car dashboards;

·      Brainstorm for the names and treatment for the game concept
Blog/ sketchbook
I uploaded my research on the blog and produced two mood boards. I easily come up with the team names after a short discussion with my friends. I analysed the arcade Speed Race game  and the first Formula 1 game. Also I looked at Mario games and how the concept was changed trough the years.

·       Specific icons/displays from existing cars

·       Driving Game Timeline

·       Research IP law, Branding and Trademarks
·      Historical development of Mario game;

·      Recreation of Mario HUD

·      Internet
Blog/ sketchbook
I continued with my research by following the historical development of Mario game since1996 up to the present days.  Also added information about Forza Horizon 3 and compared it with Need for Speed. I did research on IP law, branding and trademarks to familiarise myself with the legal legislations, why they are important for the business and how they could protect creative and innovative ideas and outcomes.
Initial ideas in thumbnails
Blog/ sketchbook
I did initial sketches for my team logos and text
Selection of the best initial ideas and further development to add more details and experiment with different layout.
Blog/ sketchbook
I continued with the development stage of those ideas
Design – feedback – group crit
·      Ask my teachers and peers for feedback and reflect on it;

·      Make further changes
Blog/ sketchbook
I asked for a feedback my peers and family and I reflected on it by making some changes to my design.
Design (half-term)
·      Start with the digital process;

·      Create design sheets for the teams with their logos and colours

·      Organise the sketchbook
Blog/ sketchbook

Started to digitise my ideas for the team logo and the game HUD
Continue to refine my ideas and improve the outcome
Blog/ sketchbook

Finish design – deadline
Evaluate my project

Organise the sketchbook and produce the final outcome.
Blog/ sketchbook


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