Feedback on Logos

I had the following feedback on my team names and logos:

  1. Forbidden- Colors are too friendly and could be more dark and mysterious. Feeling that the word doesn’t match the design. Could have used things connected to meaning of Forbidden, IE Skull etc.

  2. Steel Works- One person felt the original Cog looked like a Celtic cross. In response to this I modified the cog and inserted spikes. Another person liked the color scheme and thought the grey was a good representation of steel. People liked the name because it reminded them  of scrap yards and lots of cars.

  3. Hell Benders- This was generally liked by everyone. Originally I only had the letter for the logo.It was then suggested to add things connected to the word Hell and added a devils tail onto The H and the fire horns on the the B. Everyone liked the flames and the color scheme


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