Game Reasearch (Sonic)


Many people would agree with me that Sonic is always going to be one of those games that stand the test of time. I like Sonic due to the fact that over the many games the idea and gameplay haven’t really changed. It|s still for the most part a 2D side-scroller which is how the original Sonic Games that many people remember.

The overall look of the game also stayed partly the same where all the stages are all 2D backgrounds and the “track/path” Sonic would run on the Finish Stages which would be on top of this. However both the two elements would look identical So the layer is not noticeable. The Story has stayed the same as all the Sonic games you are challenged to go through stages to fight Docter Eggman’s Many forms/bosses that you find throughout the game.


The characters are fairly simple and this can make the character of Sonic stand out a lot and iis perhaps the reason why he is one of the biggest known names in gaming. This comes with the fact that Nintendo Owns him and most Nintendo characters get pretty well known as most Nintendo games are well made.



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