Game Research (Megaman)


The First MegaMan I ever played was Mega Man Xtreme (Rock Man X: Cyber Mission in Japan ) was released on the Game Boy Color on the 20 October 2000 and wasn’t the first of its kind. 30+ Games included the Character Mega Man/ Rock Man in. Mega Man has to be one of my favourites when it comes to the Sidescroller genre. I love the fact that X or Mega man acquired many permanent upgrades which would benefit you in later stages.

Mega Man Xtreme takes place within the Mega Man X series timeline, during the 22nd century in which humans and intelligent androids called “Reploids” coexist. Daily life is under constant threat by “Mavericks”, Reploids that have turned to a life of crime. The series follows the exploits of Mega Man X and his partner Zero, a pair of “Maverick Hunters” led by the benevolent Dr Cain. This police force has been responsible for suppressing the threat of robotic, criminal activity, particularly that of a dangerous Maverick leader named Sigma. At the opening of the normal difficulty mode of Mega Man Xtreme, a hacker named Techno from a band called the “Shadow Hunters” breaks into the world’s Mother Computer, destabilizing all of the networks and allowing Mavericks to run wild everywhere.

The gameplay is similar of that of Sonic where the player has to traverse many walls, platforms and other such things to find the end of the level and fight the boos waiting at the end. As the player progresses, helpful power-ups such as health, weapon energy, and extra lives can be found or dropped from slain foes. Permanent power-ups include special tanks that extend the player’s life bar and armour parts that grant X new abilities. The Graphics are also similar to that of Sonic and share the same idea that the background matches the level to create a seamless effect so as you move further “across” the level the background moves too.



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