Game Backgrounds


The first background is a cityscape and is meant to be a copy of London. The centre building be St. Paul’s Cathedral however it could be any domed building and this could be a random skyline. I used the gradient tool to create a dusk feeling. I chose the combination between Blue and purple colour. MY aim was to get the skyline of the city and use only its silhouette to imply the sense of Urban location. It was easy to create this in Illustrator and I think that it was very successful in creating the effect.  This background would compliment my game due to the fact that my angel is very brightly colour so would stand out. Showing she is the light in the darkness the demons have created.

Artboard 1.png

The second background reminds me of an Asian country due to the mass amounts of tower blocks and red sun. The red sun is seen as a very important symbol in Asian/Japanese culture as it is on their flag. I have used a symmetrical composition to make the background feel well balanced and this also symbolic meaning to emphasise on the dark and light side of the force. The numbers on the billboard remain on the background but disappears once the player moves out of the area. In the first version of this background I used 1 grey colour for all the windows. Giving the image a very flat view. I wasn’t happy with the outcome and I decided to use 3 different shades of grey to apply the impression of air perspective.