App Design

Peach by Peach

Its cutesy name is not all there is the app, the beautiful UI also adds to its charm. Mostly, Peach is all about gifs, emojis and other en vogue elements that strike the fancy of Millennials and Post-Millennials. The light-hearted ‘peach’ color scheme and illustrated icons truly reflects the feeling of fun.



 Movesum is a simple, no-frills step counter app by health and fitness startup Lifesum, whose well-known app of the same name has been gaining users fast. Lovely gradients and good visual weight on how much calories you’ve burnt make up the minimalistic and beautiful UI of Movesum. The blue shades of color next to each other give the app a sleek and business-like feel to it.

 Everlist by Everlist

Everlist is an attractive task manager app. And not just in terms of its beautiful UI, but also the smooth and intuitive feel of using the app. The grid style layout that gives you a quick and thorough overview of all your tasks grouped into folders is quite refreshing. Also, the unique square ‘add’ button is a great adaptation of Material Design’s floating action button.



 Human by

Human is the all-day activity tracker app for you. It motivates you to get moving by comparing your activity level to others in your city. You then set a more realistic goal for yourself. The app’s beautiful UI also works as a good motivator to keep using it. Its clean design allows it to be easily readable and all the info is easy to get to due to its readable factor.



 Blown Away by Black Pants Studio

Blown Away is a fun mobile game to pass the time. Quite a lot of time, for that matter. It has 120 levels spanning four different worlds. The game also sports a beautiful UI with brilliant illustrations and landscape design. The starting screen is easy to understand and it is all alined so it is pleasing to the eye.



What makes a bad app:

Information overload

Many people complain that too much is happening on the screen and this is an important thing to realize. MAny people cant concentrate on more than one thing at a time so to have things cover other things is a very bad idea when it comes to designing an app.

Un-Labeled Pictures

Many people complain that an app can be very confusing when left with images that mean nothing to the user and be left trying to figure out what to click or do for minutes. This could lead the user to leave or use another person’s app cause they are labeled their images to show what each one does.

Adding Friction to User Actions

Many people also can complain when something they do takes too long and that can be the difference of 1 second or up to 24 hours. People don’t have time to waste waiting for your app to load up something caused you added a timer to each action they perform. Leaving this out can give the user a clean and easy experience.