Messing With Bends In Illustrator (Part 2)

In the next lesson we were given the task of trying to created some of the Olympic logos for Example London 2012, Beijing 2008 And Barcelona 1992. They were created using the pen tool to outline them then to use the anchor tool to bend or smooth out the jagged edged created with the pen tool.

The London 2012 Olympics symbol was very easy as it was just a lot of straight lines and there was no need to to bend the lines to a rounded corner or shape. (See far left). However easy the task was many of the line were not accurate and i would have improved if given more time. Also the logo is not peach coloured so i would have also changed that to be the purple color that the logo originally was.

The Barcelona 1992 Olympics symbol was one of the hardest one to created as I wasn’t able to get any of the bend that the logo has or the rigged edges. Also the blue circle isn’t has rounded as it is in the original logo. However unlike the London 2012 logo the logos colours are accurate as i found a tool where i could pick the color from anywhere in the file. So i was able to choose color from the actual image to get the actual color which was pretty nifty.

The Beijing 2008 Olympics symbol was not as easy as the London 2012 as it has weird outline but wasn’t as hard as the Barcelona 1992 logo because it didn’t have as many bumps at that one. Overall I think i could have improved it by smoothing out the areas and lines that needed the smoothing and leaving those edges that were rough in its original form.