Car Dashboard moodboard


All cars have dashboards and they give us lots of info that many find useful. EG speed, Fuel Percentage and other thing like this. Many are used to help us drive safe. Some Car dashboards have electronic dashboards and this adds an degree of accuracy that manual dashboards don’t have. EG, Instead of having a speedo they have a speedo with the same number showing in the middle. This makes it easier to see and lets people not strain to see all the info. Als0 fuel gauges are now electronic and most of the time have a picture of a fuel tank and the fuel tank changes colour to symbolises the amount of fuel left.  Sometimes the car has the speedo and the fuel gauge to the side of a satnav that is placed in the middle of the screen so its the first thing you see. Also the map takes up most of the space on the dashboard as its used the most, Then the speed and followed by the fuel gauge as you don’t need to worry about you fuel much.