Making my piece of Music

I started Designing my piece of music by starting with a drumming sound. Then adding a under laying sound. This as the start of my sort of rave car driving loop.


Then added a bit on i added an extra sound to add more depth into the loop because If i didn’t it would be a pretty boring loop wth no action.


Then  I though to myself that i can’t just play this for 30 seconds so I took away the two layers I added and created a new section where it is more heavy on the bass which should make people feel awesome while driving.


Then to spice it up a bit I took away everything and added something that is more fast pace as this would be when the race was heating up. This added an awesome effect of the pace ramping up as you got further into the race.


Finally I added just some not so fast paced music to calm everything done just to make sure that they know the race is nearly over. Then I added a Bommer FX the signal that the music was done .


Overall It looks like this and show how the whole piece of music is set out.

Link To Actual Music: Car Loop 1