Messing With Bends In Illustrator.

Today In Marks lesson we were introduced to the anchor tool, which allowed us to change any shape and manipulate it into weird and wonderful shapes. Firstly he showed us how to actually use it and we were given a bit of time to manipulate the shape to how we wanted it.  This is what I made in that time!


Made by manipulating a square into a very rounded but straight rectangle. Then I created another weird shape and used the path-finder tool to cut though the first shape with the second shape. This helped me to understand path-finding as i struggled at first when introduced to it. Now I can use it and understand its functions.

The second half of lesson we were given the task of outline a rubber duck. And then were able to customize the ducks to look awesome. People made a whole array from unicorn ducks to ducks with top hats. I didn’t add much but I still thing it looks cool.

Left is Original and Right is mine. What could have made mine better in more detail in the eyes, mouth and wings as this would have made it a more accurate copy of the original image. However overall the shape is mostly accurate to the ducks original design.