Stop Motion Evaluation

What influenced what the fact that  enjoy drinking water and thought that it would be a fun to animate a cup of water. I think when I started the animation the idea was very simple is the way there wasn’t many frames and scenes that I had to shoot. So i expanded the idea. I think the overall design is okay for the time I did it in but i would create more frames. I am happy with the materials used in the animation. I think I would have been better if overall i used Clay characters rather than pens. I think the colour scheme was okay however it was mostly white due to the fact that water doesn’t have a colour and the cup i used was also clear. I think i didn’t send enough time on it due to the shakiness of the first part of the animation. I would have spent long on it if i had time. During the half term ill make a better one with less shaking. I think that only thing that would make my animation better would be that the shaking at the start is lessened or removed due to the fact that it can be annoying to watch and takes away concentration on whats happening in the actual few seconds it happens. People think that my animation is good but could be improved by removing the shake (above).