Forza Horizon 3 Research And HUD research

Forza Horizon 3 is an open world racing game based in Australia. The map is twice the size of Forza Horizon 2 and adds a lot more custom races. Including Drag racing, Speed Race, and other. With over 500+ cars and car customization there is a plethora of things to do in the game. In addition to the races there are also boss cars that patrol around the map and when seen by one or you see one, your target is to destroy them. This then grants you access to that car. The game is also cross platform so Xbox players can play against PC and PlayStation Players. Adding a whole new layer of competitiveness to the game. Also the paint jobs allow you to not only have a fast car but a good looking one as well. The HUD is very simple but gives all the info you want! A map in the bottom corner and your time and race progress  are both in the top left corner and dont take up much space. In the right hand side there is your position in the race and below that is the gear you are in and the speedometer. An added feature is the HUD that floats above another players car. It is their name and if you are in a race with them what place they are coming in that race. Overall the HUD is very simple and not very large. Most of the very important is easily see-able. The graphics for the game are very high quality and I think are complimented by the HUD to make it look very clean and give everyone a seamless experience. 2684573-4199294681-26845



For many  years NFS has been owning the racing/ Driving games. Maybe what pulled everyone in is the fact that it was open world for the most part. Back when racing games where new they stuck to a very ridged rule of  “This is a track. Drive only in here”. NFS  broke the boundaries which other games then followed suit. Other games before this did a similar  way but not on the scale NFS did. The HUD is very much similar to the look at the surrounding. The neon Speedo and MPH are very small and bright to show how the game looks. The map in the bottom left is very much the same as Forza Horizon 3 and  uses the same transparent mapping so it takes up less of the screen. The game is very nice looking and I think the HUD compliments the game look perfectly. Both of these games are made and  run on a PlayStation 4.

In game theory, an information set is a set that, for a particular player, establishes all the possible moves that could have taken place in the game so far, given what that player has observed.