Game Idea (Driving Game)

Name: Vroom!

Idea: The game is going to be based on tracks around London but its not going to be a normal London.It going to be happening in the year 3087. 20 years ago scientists opened a portal to Hell. Now demons roam the city of London. Only a  few 1000 people survived. Some continue life like nothings happened and some race for the thrill of it. 3 main teams stand out from the rest as the top Dogs. Hell Benders, Forbidden and Steelworks. Hell Benders are the speed demons of the 3 of the and drive Lamborghini and Bugatti and any fast car they can get their hands on. Forbidden are the off-roaders driving Jeeps that have been altered with some of the best car parts known in the black market.

  1. Forbidden – (Gold and Purple Xs). I chose these colours because of the fact that are the richest of the game owning very expensive custom built cars and the word Forbidden is very dark so Black was a good choice.
  2. Hell Benders- (Red And Flame Pattern) I chose Red and a flame pattern because when you think of hell you think of red  and flames which is the though I was going for with this team. They are the speed demons and don’t mind to “rip up the road”.
  3. Steel Works- (Silver and A Cog Pattern) I chose Silver with a Cog pattern because when you think of Steel Works you think of massive factories producing cars and other stuff the heavy clunking of metal cogs against each other while they make something.