Hope Animation Evaluation

Over the month I did a lot towards my animation. Firstly I brainstormed with a couple of my friends what Hope was and we found out that hope means different things to different people. Then we brainstormed some ideas for animations and a few I liked but one really stuck me as a great idea,  was Travelling to a new planet or area because the area you live in now is dying.

Then I Started to research how animation was done when it was first invented which lead me back all the way to 1908 with Fantasmagorie, A French animation and the first the be called an animation. All the way up to Thaumatrope and Zoetrope. I also looked at the Flip book.

After all this I created A Treatment for my story which is the bones and structure of my animation. To make sure I made my animation on time with the deadline.

After I had completed all this my animation started. The task took many hours. Many things were used during the animation, from body, hand and head design of characters to  the creation of all the scenes took a very long time.  In the end I never used the characters I made so I’m pretty mad about that. However I think the animation was pretty okay. The music was a Song that I searched for on NCS (NoCopyrightSounds)

Elektronomia & JJD – Free [NCS Release]

Scene background creation took longer than I wanted it too, that’s why I was unable to make my own music to my animation.

Compared to professionally made animation it is lacking in all aspects. This is due to the fact that I tried to make it as bad looking for comical effect. Adding a whole new layer to my animation which many others have.However  I think animations like Kubo have an expectation to be amazing looking.

MY peers reviewed my animation and I ask some questions. 62% of my peers found that the name of my animation is appropriate (The Green Planet). Then I ask whether or not my animation was too slow or fast and the opinion was divided into 4 different groups. The response was that 43% though that the animation was just the right pace and the 31% thinking it was too slow. Then I ask if the sense of hope was evident in my animation. 4 people didn’t see the sense of hope in my animation and the rest did. On my question How I can improve my animation my peers gave me valuable suggestions: Better Typography, Different music and a better story line was the main suggestions. Also making the animation smoother and add more detail to the animation. In regards with my backgrounds most of the people said that they needed improvement and more elements. Also the characters could also be improved as most people said they were basic. The animation style also should be improved as I didn’t get more than 50% approval that the current one is appropriate. 50% of my peers agreed that the animation was not made to a professional standard. I think those responses are  truthful and would help me improve the animation if I was to do so.