Game Idea: A4VD321

What: My game is a 2D side-scroller which is based around the idea of the battle of Angels vs Demons and the battle for power.

Where/When: My game is based in the near future (4231) and on earth, many things have changed. Most, if not all the buildings were destroyed during a great war and were rebuilt to be more technical as many angels and demons now fight for land. The game would have 5 levels in each continent and the 6th level would end with a boss fight.

Why: Both factions want to own the world and use it for their own reasons. The angels want to restore the Earth to its former glory. Where Humans rule the world but guided by the angels to make a never-ending Earth. However, the Demons want to ruin it and turn it into a wasteland where humans and Angels are both prisoners to the devil and fight for enjoyment.

Who: Two factions split the world. The Angels are called the Angelic Light and are owned and overseen by The Angel of Light, Af. The opposing faction The Dark Rose and owned by Demons and the owner is Zahcomzihor (Zahr for short). He is the devil’s, right-hand man.

Gameplay: Depending on what team you pick the gameplay will look slightly different. This is only the enemies and the colour of most of the things in each level and the power-ups you get. Most of the elements will stay the same.


Angel: He was attacked by a Shark and died in the sea and was taken in by angels.

Demon. Watched his parents murder and the shot the man and himself