Website Design

Photo on 28-02-2018 at 09.38 #2.jpgPhoto on 28-02-2018 at 09.38.jpg

This is a quick sketch for the website that I will be creating. I think that I will stick to these designs as I think they are simple to make and look very nice to the eye if I pick a good colour scheme. The Top photo is a layout of a PC and the bottom is a phone and tablet.


Captains log

Week 1: This week we were able to choose our groups. Everyone chose their old film groups so it was easy to start generating ideas for the overall game trailer. The Game we decided to do was LA.Noir as we already know the genre of filming. Also, that week had come up with 2 ideas each for the trailer and then fuzed our two ideas to create a full trailer. We then also planned the camera angles and the job roles and a few other vital.

Week 2: This week we presented the presentation to our teachers and they seemed to like it. This was because we kept it pretty simple allowing the viewer to imagine some of the scenes which could be hard to make.

Week 3: We started storyboarding and other pre-production aspects.

Week 4: We were unable to start filming due to the fact some the actors were not there or busy.

Week 5: We have finished filming and now started to edit the clips to create a prototype.

Week 6: We have created the prototype however it will need to be improved. In the end we created 3 fils and use the 3 edit as our final one