Treatment of Stop Motion Animation

Animation Name: F for Full

Genre: Animation

Duration: 5 Seconds

Target Audience: 16-7 Year Olds


During my animation 2 things will happen. Tiny little plastic circles will create the Letter F. Then I will take them and throw them into a cup of water that will be full of Water. Then the Word FULL will appear (Float upwards into shot) at the bottom of the screen. Each shot will take up 1 letter of the word full. Most of the animation will be based on the F as it is mainly what the whole animation is focused on. The other half will be about me pouring the plastic pieces into the water filled cup. The background will be pure white because of the clean look at I like.

My animation is going to have pretty good lighting due to the fact that Ill use a little light the light to light up the set. My Animation is only going to have a small amount of audio which will be water propping into a cup. Which is what my animation is about. I will use my iPhone to record my animation.

Rationale – Why have you chosen this idea and why will it make a good project? What current skills do you have and what will you need to learn in order to achieve your idea? Its a simple idea and easy to make


Primary and Secondary Research – What research have you undertaken to back up your idea. Have you undertaken research yourself (questionnaires, testing etc.) or sourced information elsewhere.


Requirements and resources – What equipment will you need and what equipment will you need to source?


Constraints and Contingency – What problems are you likely to encounter and how will they be overcome.


Legal and ethical considerations – Are there any legal or ethical considerations you might need to be aware of and is your product being shown on television, film or radio?


Budget – If this were a live brief, what would be some of the potential costs that you would need to be aware of?


Schedule – How long do you think it will take to complete the project? What time have you allowed for potential problems?