Character Walking Cycle

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 11.31.51.png


My character is based around an Angel. Many things need to be improved however some good things about the animations.  The colours of the character are suited to the style of the character. The arms movement is also okay but it could be made less jagged in respect to the movement. The eyes some reason moved during the making of the actual animation, and this needs fixing. The legs are also very weird as she looks like she is walking backwards and I need to make her walk forward. In my second attempt I should try to fix this problem.

I also have to create these cycles as well.

  • Idle
  • Being hit
  • Jumping


I Have now improved the walking cycle and made the arms a little movement. Also I have fixed he eyes so they don’t change. I think that the walk cycle is good however i need to stop the belt from moving.


I also created a Idle cycle to show that the character is working when the player isn’t actually playing. I made this by just moving the body of the angel a little down and then using the original image to created a sort of bounce animation.