App Wire Framing


I created a mind-map to let me think of what functions are going to be in my app and how to divide each section and page. My aim was to include 6-8 sections in my app to cover the most important parts of a social app. After I had come up with a fully fleshed out mind map I started to create a wire frame that would allow me to see how the app would function and a look in the terms of user accessibility. This help me because it allowed me to plan what sections lead on to each other and where I would need certain buttons to go back. Some of the buttons offer a multiple choice for the user.

My next step was to identify each page layout and whether I will use images or not.  I also focused my attention on researching appropriate fonts and choosing suitable colour harmonies that would correspond with the social theme of my app. Once I got the rough idea I started to expand on the layout design on the wire frame and include more information/ details.  I tried to get feedback from others how successful my app was and although it was very informal I did reflect on it and changed the functionality on some of the pages.